The Nine Muses

NEW CLASS TO BEGIN SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 3RD 3:00 at the Corner Muse Café, 1381 Magazine, Every other week.

The Nine Muses
Come enhance your creativity and learn about Greek mythology through a guided experiential exploration of the nine muses and what they inspire in us. We have nine streets named in New Orleans for the Muses as well as a Mardi Gras Parade. Learn what is so important about the muses to the creative process. We will be doing using the workbook by Angeles Arrien, The Nine Muses, which will take us on a journey through many creative paths together. Her book is readily available on Amazon and Abebooks. Learn about Thalia, Urania, Terpsicore, Euterpe, Clio, etc… Order your book now.


About David O'Donoghue

David is the founder and director of the New Orleans Lyceum. David was trained as a clinical psychologist and worked and taught in the field for 18 years. He went back to school and did doctoral studies in philosophy for five years, concentrating on the practice of the New England Transcendentalists and the local village Lyceums to use conversation as a means of education. David was motivated by this model to start his own Lyceum . He started the Lyceum as an independent adult educational center in the mountains of North Carolina in 2000. The school was relocated to New Orleans in 2003. David specializes in conversations around philosophy (philocafes), literature/poetry, and films. He is a visual artist of sorts and has been making forays into the theatre world.
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