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Philosophy Café: Mindfulness

New Orleans Lyceum Philo Café Saturday, October 8th Fairgrinds Coffeehouse, 3133 Ponce de Leon, 10:30 to noon. Mindfulness: What does it mean to be mindful? What are the benefits of mindfulness? Is Judith Warner correct that mindfulness meditation leads to … Continue reading

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Spirituality in Film

Spirituality in Film discussion on Friday October 7th at 7:30 Parker Church at 1130 Nashville. The film will be: The Name of the Rose A fascinating detective story that takes place in a monastery in the 13th (?) century. Sean … Continue reading

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Aristotle Reading Group

October 10th 7:30 1412 Euterpe St. Advanced Philosophy Seminar on Plato’s Parmenides. This group will read together and discuss Plato’s dialogue on Parmenides. We will look at both what this pre-Socratic philosopher really said and how Plato presents his ideas. … Continue reading

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